Description of Seasons in Charakasamhita


Seasons, Shishira, Pravrut, shodhana treatment, nasya, basti

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Charakasamhita is one of the old texts of Ayurveda. It describes not only treatment of diseases but also the preventive measures. It describes the healthy way of life. The code of conduct and preventive measures of the diseases (rutucharya) for each season are described in the sixth chapter of sutrasthana in Charakasamhita. 

One type of classification of seasons is Varsha, Sharad, Hemanta, Shishira, Vasanta, and Grishma,.  Another type of classification is Pravrut, Varsha, Sharad, Hemanta, Vasanta, and Grishma. The present literature review study discusses about the mentions of Shishira and Pravrut seasons in the text and their significance.

Earlier carakas have elaborated the concept of Shishira season which was indicated by Agniveśa. Special features of Shishira season are mentioned. The code of conduct is given to be same as that of Hemanta season. Pravrut is initial time of Varsha season. It is very important for a clinician. It is used to perform ‘shodhana treatment’ as well as certain medicines. This important time of the year has special significance. Therefore even though it is not a separate season, it is treated as a separate season.

Therefore, even though 7 seasons are mentioned in the whole text, the number of the seasons is said to be 6 only.


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