Conceptual Study of Swasthahitakara Bhava
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Swastha, lifestyle disorders, Ahara, Vyayama, Dinacharya, Rutucharya

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While making efforts to find out remedies for various diseases, limited attention is paid to the concept of positive health in modern medical research. Ayurveda plays a great deal of emphasis upon the preservation and promotion of positive health which is its primary objective, cure of the diseases is the secondary objective of Ayurveda. The incidence of lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia and overweight associated with cardiovascular diseases is high on rise. For preservation and promotion of positive health, several rules are prescribed in Ayurveda which includes Aachar Rasayan (code of conduct), Rutucharya (regimens for different seasons), Dinacharya (regimens for different parts of day) and Ratricharya (regimens for different parts of night). If these rules are violated, then the person suffers from various diseases. Swasthahitakara Bhava can be the solution for the prevention of lifestyle disorders. The present research has been done to elaborate the concept of these Swasthahitakara Bhava described in various texts of Ayurveda.

Article pdf download


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