Therapeutic effect of Raktamokshan in the management of gridhrasi with modified version of Shrunga (cupping)
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Gridhrasi, shrunga, cupping, sciatica

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JADHAV, P. M. (2019). Therapeutic effect of Raktamokshan in the management of gridhrasi with modified version of Shrunga (cupping). Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 7(01). Retrieved from


The incidence rate of Gridhrasi (sciatica) is quite significant as more than three-quarters of the world's population is affected by the disease. It is characterized by the onset of Ruja (pain), Toda (pricking), and Stambha (stiffness), initially in Sphika (gluteal region) and then radiating distally to Kati-Prishtha (low back), Janu (knee), Jangha (thigh) till Pada (feet). The patients suffering from Gridhrasi have restricted movements due to painful limb, affecting the daily routine activities. Aim: To study and evaluate the therapeutic effect of Raktamokshan in the management of Gridhrasi with the modified version of Shrunga. (cupping). Materials and Methods: The study was conducted on twenty patients who had reported for the treatment of Gridhrasi at an Ayurvedic hospital. Raktamokshana was done on Sphik (gluteal region) or Kati (low back) region with the help of 22 no.surgical blades and modified version of shrunga (cupping instrument)in four settings (0, 5th, 10th and 15th day). The sign and symptoms, namely Ruka, Toda, Stambha  were given scores depending on their severity. The patients were also assessed for straight-leg raise (SLR) test. Follow-up was done at an interval of 5 days for three times and the scores were noted down before and after treatment. The scores were analyzed using the Student's t-test. Result: Marked reduction in severity of mean scores of Ruja, Toda, Stambha was seen in the patients after the use of the modified version of shrunga (cupping instrument) for Raktamokshana, which was statistically significant. Conclusions: cupping is the simple and effective treatment (in adjunct to other treatment) for reducing Ruka, Toda, Stambha  in Gridhrasi.

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