Critical Study Of Ischemic Heart Disease W.S.R. To Ayurvedokta Shatkriyakala
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Shatkriyakala, Ischemic heart disease

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Waghe, S., Deshmukh, S. P., & Thakre, P. P. (2019). Critical Study Of Ischemic Heart Disease W.S.R. To Ayurvedokta Shatkriyakala. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 7(01). Retrieved from


The death due to ischemic heart disease is increasing in Indian population at an alarming rate and accounts for around 15-20% of all deaths. The number of factors play role in the development of ischemic heart diseases but over consumption of oily fatty food and unhealthy lifestyle (mithya ahar vihar) with mental stress are the important basic factors enumerated by both the science. Shatkriya Kala is a unique pathological concept in Ayurveda developed with aim of treating the diseases at various stages of pathogesnesis. Ancient Ayurvedic acharyas had stated 6 such stages of therapeutic intervention with reference to six stages of pathogenesis namely sanchaya, prakopa, prasara, sthansanshraya, vyakti and bheda.. If disease is treated in early stages, it does not lead to complications. Hence, it is essential to apply the Ayurvedic concept of pathogenesis like ‘Shat Kriyakala’  to ischemic heart disease so as to study it from Ayurvedic pathological point of view and to evolve a strategy to deal with it, based on the Ayurvedokta principles of treatment particularly in terms of shatkriyakalas. The study of ischemic heart disease with reference to Shat Kriyakala, showed that the pathogenesis of ischemic heart disease can very well be arranged in Ayurvedokta  six stages of Shat Kriyakala and treatment could be framed as per different stages. With the help of modern investigations, these six stages could be confirmed.

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