Review on effect of long term standing posture on varicose veins and its management
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long term standing posture, varicose veins and management

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Sing, P. K. (2019). Review on effect of long term standing posture on varicose veins and its management. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 7(01). Retrieved from


The lifestyle changes, obesity, the occupational pattern of prolonged standing and pregnancy are considered to be significantly contributing to this situation known as Varicose veins wherein veins become enlarged and twisted. Incidence of varicose vein is more in people belonging to the occupation that involved prolonged standing. Varicose vein can be co-related to Sirajgranthi as described in Ayurvedic texts. Ayurved formulations are said to be effective in the management of Sirajgranthi (Varicose veins) Sirajgranthi, treated at an early stage or allows proper maintenance of signs and symptoms reduces the complications and support a better quality of life. In this article we have tried to analyse the anatomical and physiological changes due to long term standing.

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