Critical Comparative Study of Ayurvedic& Jyotish Shastrokta Chhaya Laxanas (Look of The Patient) & Its Impact on Health & Fortune
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Chhaya, Pratichhaya, Look of the patient

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Waghe, S. (2019). Critical Comparative Study of Ayurvedic& Jyotish Shastrokta Chhaya Laxanas (Look of The Patient) & Its Impact on Health & Fortune. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 7(03). Retrieved from


Chhaya Parikshan have diagnostic and prognostic evaluation in Ayurveda. Hence, it is included as the clinical examination method which can fairly be correlated with modern look of the patient examination. But beside the physical characteristics, Ayurveda also mentioned the auspicious and inauspicious outcomes of the Chhayas which can further be explained with the help of Jyotish science. The Jyotish science is complimentary and contemporary to the Ayurvedic medical science. The principles of Jyotish science have been applied in Ayurvedic science at various places. The various body characteristics are described in ‘Sharir Laxan Adhyay’ and ‘Ayurday Adhyay’ of Ayurvedic and Jyotish science respectively. Acharya Charaka had described the ‘Chhaya Pariksha’ in the Indriyasthana of his treatise ‘Charak Samhita’. Whereas in Jyotish science, they are explained by Acharya Varah Mihir in his book ‘Brihat Samhita’ and by Acharya Jagatdeva in his book ‘Nrusti Samudrik Shastra’. These Chhaya characteristics are used to predict the future outcome of health and socio economic status. The particular ‘Chhya’ influences the outcome of health and socio economic status. It is also essential to know whether individuals with certain Chhayas are better immune against diseases so as to enjoy the longevity and fortunes of the life. It is important to find out the rationale behind the forecast made by ancient acharyas based on ‘Chhaya laxanas’. Hence, there is a need to study the ‘Chhaya laxanas’ from both science point of view critically and comparatively.

The critical comparison of Ayurvedic and Jyotish shastrokta, dhatusarata laxanas, in the observation showed marked similarities between the body features of Chhaya laxanas and forecast regarding health and socioeconomic status. It is concluded that future outcome of health, and socioeconomic status can very well be predicted from the assessment of Ayurvedokta Chhaya Parikshan.

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