Role of takrasevan in agnimandya - a review.
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Agnimandya, Takrasevan, probiotics

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Mandhare, P. B., & Kale, D. R. (2019). Role of takrasevan in agnimandya - a review. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 7(4). Retrieved from


Background: Our health and overall well-being mainly depends on our eating habits, physical activities, sleep patterns etc. Human beings, in order to adjust themselves in the modern era, have been compiled to become fast and mechanical. Due to this they can’t give proper attention to diet and exercise. Due to this Aaharpachan Kriya gets affected leading to Agnimandya (low or decreased digestive power). According to Ayurveda Agnimandya is responsible for almost all diseases. Objectives: Objective is to study importance of Takrasevan in Agnimandya.  Material and methods: Ayurvedic / modern texts and literature, research paper. Discussion: Grahani, Atisar, Arsh etc. are the commonest diseases seen in today’s life.  These diseases are not life threatening but can cause great distress to patient.  Ayurveda gave an amount of treatment modalities; one of them is Takrasevan i. e. consumption of buttermilk. Takra having ushna virya, kashaya rasa, madhur vipak and ruksha guna properties which pacifies Vata, Pitta, Kapha and potentiate the Agni and digests as well as absorbs the food articles and treats the disease in generous way. Conclusion: By this study it can be conclude that Takra (Buttermilk) can use on daily basis as dietary product. As it contains Probiotics which facilitates proper digestion and absorption process, it maintains proper metabolism to keep person free from diseases.   

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