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Vata, Garbha, Morphogenetic field, Garbhini Paricharya.

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Yende, M., & Bagate, S. K. (2019). CLINICAL ASPECT OF VAYU AS “KARTA GARBHAKRUTINAM” W. S. R TO MORPHOGENETIC FIELD. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 7(06). Retrieved from


       In Ayurvedic embryology, various interesting concepts of conception, formation of zygote and foetus and various different organs and system formation are explained. Among that concept of cell division and differentiation in conscious foetus (Chetanayukt Garbha) is mentioned. The role of Panchmahabhutas and Tridoshas in the formation and development of Garbha is mentioned. Among them most important is “Vayu â€which is responsible for cell division .Vayu is vital force which divides zygote into different limb buds and organs. Thus main function of “Vata“ is incomprehensible like formation of foetal shape. But perturbations in “Vata†is responsible for formation of various congenital anomalies i.e Garbhavikruti.

         In modern concepts of developmental biology, important area is “Morphogenetic fieldâ€. It was first introduced in 1910 by Alexander G. Gurwitsch. He analyzed the embryonic development of the sea urchin as a vector field, As it is the proliferation of cells into organs were brought about by putative external forces. It is the set of process that generates shape and form in the embryo. Morphogenetic movement is caused by large scale and dynamic movement of embryonic cell which is under control of Vata. Failures in any step of process can lead to birth defects.

      Ancient Acharyas have mentioned various measures under Garbhini Paricharya for pregnant women from first day of conception  till parturition. It restores the Vayu to its normal course and condition. Thus  it helps the  morphogenetic movement occur without any failure to have healthy foetus and progeny.Thus prevalence of congenital anamolies can be reduced by understanding Vayu as Garbhakrutinam ,Morphogenetic field and following Garbhini paricharya.

Article pdf download
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