Concept of vayu in ayurved and yogshastra – a comparative study
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Vayu, Prana, Yogshastra, Ayurved.

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Introduction and Background: Yogashastra and Ayurveda are two ancient Indian sciences that have evolved separately over millennia. Many masters have contributed to the growth and development of these sciences and they have produced seminal literature and body of knowledge in both these streams. The goals and objectives of these two sciences differ from each other and accordingly their approaches too differ from each other.

 Both in Yogashastra and Ayurveda, the concept of Vayu has very important place. Current effort is undertaken from the viewpoint to unravel the complementary and contradictory aspects and explore the possibility of combining the concepts so as to evolve the holistic approach.

Aim: To compare the concept of Vayu as described in Yogashastra and in Ayurveda.

Discussion and Results: Yogashstra the concept of Vayus is aimed solely at attaining mastery over the bodily Vayus by following Yogic disciplines to attain Moksha or final emancipation of the soul from the unending cycle of birth and death. This puts the Yogic discussion of Vayus in the realm of highest spiritual practices with the ultimate conceivable goal of human life that can be taught only by the accomplished masters and eligible seekers who fulfil the strictest eligibility criteria stipulated by Yogic discipline.

On the other hand in Ayurveda the concept of Vayus is from the perspective of knowing physiology and causes of various diseases and their treatment by means of various therapies and medicines. All these things are essentially corporeal in nature and do have worldly goals to achieve.

Article pdf download
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