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Gridhrasi, Simhasyadi Kwatha, Eranda Taila, Vatadosha

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Wagh, N. (2020). THE STUDY OF EFFICACY OF SIMHASYADI KWATHA WITH ERANDA TAILA IN GRIDHRASI. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 8(02). Retrieved from


        Now a day’s everyone is living a rush full life. Busy life schedule means due to which some of us are suffering from various vataj roga. In Gridhrasi, there is a pain in distribution of sciatic nerve from buttocks to thigh, calf and foot. Many formulae have been prescribed for gridhrasi in Ayurveda. Simhasyadi Kwatha with Eranda taila is prescribed by Bhavprakasha. The ingredients of kwatha are Vasa, Danti, and Aragwadha. These drugs possess ushna virya which acts as vatahara and kaphahara. Eranda taila is the prakshepa in this kwatha acts as potentiator. Gridhrasi affects daily routine of the patients and causes lots of difficulties in movements due to tremendous pain. Hence this study has been done to relieve the patients from their painful illness.

Article pdf download
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