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Mantra Vidhi, Shashti upkrama, Vranita

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Dr Kailas Sonmankar. (2020). REVIEW OF MANTRA VIDHI IN VRANA PASCHATKARMA AND RAKSHAVIDHAN. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 8(02). Retrieved from


SharirikVyadhis are treated by medicines and another useful techniques, as our body and mind follows each other1 We also have to think about mind while treating the subject; as said by Sushrutacharya2; which is very unique- very true it is! We can’t divide mind from the body or body from mind. Ayurveda always think about factors while treating the patients. To overcome the imbalance between body and mind, we have to strengthen the mana of the vranita as mentioned in Ayurvedic texts, Satva, Atma, Sharir are like Tridanda3.

This review is focused on the use of Mantras as mentioned by Sushrutacharya in Shashti upkramas (rakshavidhan) and Vrana Chikitsa in Vranita4

Article pdf download
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