To Study the effect of Pathyadi Choorna in Ajeerna Vyadhi
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Pathyadi Choorna, Ajeerna, Agnimandya, Udarshool

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Shirasath, S. (2020). To Study the effect of Pathyadi Choorna in Ajeerna Vyadhi. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 8(01). Retrieved from


The fast life style and fast food give rise to the number of diseases, most of them are related to gastro-intestinal tract. Now a day’s most of the people relay on mostly fast food. Some of the people has day-night duties in companies where they mostly prefer fast food because of such life style digestive system undergoes stress. Ayurveda, is the science of life which delts with complete etiology of disease, which we called VYADHI. We dealt with Hetu,Poorva-Roopa, Roopa, Samprapti, Upashay-Anuupshay & Upadrav-Udark. Due to non acceptance of Annapan-Viddhi i.e.Atyambupana1 Vishamashan or following of Virudha Ahar i.e.Sandharan1[mala-mutra veg dharan]Anidra [not complete in timely sleep], it give rise to improper digestion that produces Ama which developes Ajeerna vyadhi                       

Symtoms are Udarshula, Adhman, Atop, Arochak, Shiroruja, Chardi,Glani, Gaurav, Vishtambh, Bhram, Marut Mudhata, Vibhandh, aorva, Gandadakshishopha. Ajirna is having three types mainly Amajeerna,Vishtabadajeerna, Vidagdhajeerna .  Pathyadi Choorna1,2 is used as material from the reference of Yog Ratnakar1. We have also follow book like Madhav-Nidan. According to the reference, any person suffering from Ajeerna vyadhi5 with above symptoms can he recovered with the help of Pathyadi Choorna. Haritaki, Pippali and Souvarchala Lavan are the main ingredients which taken in equal quantity, without impurities and converted into powder form i.e. Choorna. This choorna is given to patients of Ajeena Vyadhi. PATHYADI CHOORNA  is given 2 gram prati bhojanotter with 50 ml koshna jal .We treated 50 patients with Pathyadi choorna.  

Observations are made on the basis of data collected from patients from time to time.after detailed observation we came to some conclusion. Contents of Pathyadi Choorna are having Ushna Virya so that  it is  more effective in Amajeerna. Pathyadi Choorna plays an important role in Ajeerna Vyadhi caused by Agnimandya and in persons having Mandagni. This Kalpa is most useful in types of Ajeerna having chardi than Udgar, Adhman than Atop and Udarshool than Shiroruja. Pathyadi Choorna is very much useful in Ajeena Vyadhi.

Article pdf download
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