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A study –Kostha with reference to Kriya Sharir
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Koshta, Kriya Sharir, Abhyantar Siddhasnehapan, Virechana, Sansarjankram.

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Rajput, S. (2020). A study –Kostha with reference to Kriya Sharir. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 8(02). Retrieved from


        Ayurveda is the Science of life. It deals with ‘swastha’ as well as cure diseases. Some basic fundamentals of Kriya Sharir described in Ayurveda. They are unique ‘Koshta’ is such fundamental Siddhant described in Kriyasharir. In this study by using specific and multiple parameters try to explain easy method of determine Koshta of a person.

        Along with questionery, Koshta can determine by some parameters according to Kriya Sharir.As explained in Samhita, Koshta can determine by Abhyantar snehapan more significant use of Virechana. In this study by using classical terms of Ayurveda,Abhyantar snehapan, Classical Virechan and Sansarjankram were used to explain concept Koshta.

        Total 70 person (59 male and 11 female were selected. Among 70, 25 were krur koshti 23 were madhyam koshti and 22 were mrudu koshti. More clues and idea get by questionary including dry diet to explain Koshta. More significant study of Koshta was done with the help of Abhyantar Siddhasnehapan, period of snehapan, symptoms of siddhasnehapan,Virechana and Sansarjankram..

Article pdf download
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