Conservative management of genital prolapsed in geriatric age – A case report
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Pelvic Organ prolapse, Kegal's exercise, Matrabasti, Yonipichu, Mahayoni, Genital prolapse.

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Bendre , D. (2020). Conservative management of genital prolapsed in geriatric age – A case report. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 8(02). Retrieved from


Pelvic organ prolapse is highly prevalent condition in the female population, which impaires to quality of life of affected individuals. Aim- To see whether manual reduction of prolapsed atrophic uterus followed by sthanik chikitsa reccur with prolapsed or not. Objectives- 1)To prevent prolapsed of atrophic uterus with manual reduction with sthanik chikitsa & kegal’s exercise. 2) By treating constipation & reduction the intra abdominal pressure. Methodology- A 75yrs old female patient is taken for this study treated with Matrabasti and Yonipichu with balashwagandha tail for 9 days.T bandage applied to the pelvic area after yonipichu. Result - Patient got relief from above treatment. Conclusion- Conservative management with ayurvedic  sthanik chikitsa in geriatric case approach in  the management of genital prolapse 1 particularly with atrophic uterus can be helpful to good there normal life.

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