Critical analysis of Anartav (Amenorrhea)
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Anartav, Amenorrhea, Yonivyapad, Ayurvedic management.

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Jangate, S. (2020). Critical analysis of Anartav (Amenorrhea). Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 8(02). Retrieved from


          Anartav means absence of anartav. In Ayurvedic classics,various terms for Anartav are Nashtarva by Sushruta,Anartav by Vagbhat, absence of Raja by Bhel and Rajonash by Bhavprakash.Also,Anartav is one of the manifestations of yonivyapad like Arajaska/ Lohitkshaya yonivyapad,Shushka yonivyapad, Shandhi yonivyapad and Vandhya yonivyapad.For treatment of Anartav, in modern science, there are very little options like HRT.But,in Ayurveda,various modalities include in Amapachan,Strotoshodhan and Vatashamak treatment. Thus, this attempt is made for understanding of Anartav for its etiopathology and management by Ayurveda with modern correlation.

Article pdf download
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