Practical veiw of kadali kshara preparation
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kadalikshar, kshar

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Main aim of Ayurveda is to maintain health of healthy person and make free from diseases to diseased person. The aim of Ayurveda is proved by many acharya by applying ayurvedic of them is ayurvedic medicine. Which plays important role in ayurvedic treatment Acharya focus on preparation of herbal drugs along with the quality of the drug. This drug has an appropriate qualities and significant result on particular diseases.

             Kshar is one of the important ayurvedic formulation which is used in various has a unique quality than other drugs .it is an alkali preparation of either by single herb or multiple its unique qualities many kruchha sadhya diseases are treated.

              Now a day we see that the ayurvedic formulations are not much effective on the diseases. The cause is many more such as the low efficacy of medicinal plant, wrong method of preparation etc. if we make an ayurvedic formulation according to the ayurvedic text with standard operating procedure by maintaining quality of the drug we can get significant effect on some particular disease.

                In this paper we explain one of the standard procedure of kadalikshar preparation according to sushrut Samhita. Total estimation of how much raw material used, time require to prepare kadalikshar, how much loss of raw drug and material and method of kadalikshar preparation is explained.

Article pdf download
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