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Vishudhatar Awastha

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Ayurveda have mentioned that Dosha, Dhatu and Mala are the three essential components of Sharir. These three components are very important as per their functions inside the body. The factors which do the function of Dharana of Sharir, Mana, & Prana are called as Dhatu. The basic constructive framework of body is formed by Dhatu. So, the Saptadhatus are the most important factors inside the body. Dhatus have same set of functions in every individual but quality & richness of these functions may vary from person to person, which is decided by excellent state of these Dhatus which is nothing but the Dhatusarta. Sara is the Bala (strength). Sara is fine and excellent part of their Dhatus. The supreme quality of Dhatus with its superb functional aspect is called the Sara of that Dhatus. Little waning or fasting will not hamper the function of Dhatus immediately if Dhatus is Sarwan. So, in Ayurveda, Sara stands for Vishudhatar Awastha of Dhatus.

         Dhatusarata is the novel concept described exclusively by Ayurveda. As Balwan or Sarwan Dhatus resist the vitiated Doshas, similarly they also resist the external factors from the nature which disturbs the equilibrium of Dosha, Dhatus        and Mala. So, for maintaining healthy status of Sharira, the Dhatus must be in their Vishudhatar Awastha which refered as Dhatusarata in Ayurveda.

Article pdf download
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