Importance of pichu kalpana in streeroga and prasuti tantra
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Ayurveda, Streeroga, Sthanik chikitsa,Yoni Pichu,Tampoon

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Pharate, S. (2020). Importance of pichu kalpana in streeroga and prasuti tantra. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 8(03). Retrieved from


At the different stages of life anatomical, physiological, emotional, hormonal changes occur in the body of women. Now a days due to busy lifestyle women suffering from various common gynecological problems like itching at vulva, white discharge, burning micturation, vaginal discharge etc. Ayurvedic treatment include abhyantar chikitsa and sthanik chikitsa. There are different types of  sthanik chikitsa mentioned in ayurveda which are helpful in streerog and prasutitantra. Those are yonipichu, yoniprakshalan, uttarbasti,yoni dhupan, yonilepana, yonivarti, yoniparishek etc.Among those various types pichu kalpana is one of the important and useful sthanik chikitsa. Different taila,ghrita, medicated liquids are used for Pichu kalpana. It gives excellent result and no adverse effect if followed properly. This procedure is simple and no sophisticated instruments, anaesthesia required .It is having great role in yooniroga and yonivyapada. This is conceptual study.For this study, textual materials are used from which various references are collected. By this article I want to emphasize the concept and importance of Pichu kalpana in streerog and prasutitantra. In today's era, illiteracy, poor hygine, poverty, social factors imposes more challenges to the reproductive health of females in developing countries. Simple, cost effective therapies are easily acceptable. Pichu kalapna mentioned in ayurveda under sthanik chikitsa is one of the safe and effective procedure.

Article pdf download
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