Covid 19 : Ayurvedic approach
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Key words : Covid-19 , Ayurvedic Samprapti , Rakt dahtu , Oja dhatu , Ras dhatu ,Pran vah Strotas , agad vichar, Janpad dwansh Vyadhi , dushi vish ,

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Aart, D. A. budhadeo. (2020). Covid 19 : Ayurvedic approach. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 8(03). Retrieved from



Covid 19 is pandemic disease. There is no certain treatment available for it. For any disease to have definitive treatment we need to understand pathophysiology of that disease. In this paper, we are trying to represent Ayurvedic Samprati Vichar of Covid19 disease. And broad samprapti bhang vichar with reference to common drugs available.

Article pdf download
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