Hypothyroidism with special reference to kaphavruta udana vayu – an overview study.
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Metabolic diseases, Kaphavruta Udana Vayu, Hypothyroidism, Erand Sneh

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Dwivedi, P. (2020). Hypothyroidism with special reference to kaphavruta udana vayu – an overview study. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 8(03). Retrieved from https://ayurlog.com/index.php/ayurlog/article/view/607


Hypothyroidism is one of the fastest rising health issues in India, with the prevalence rate of 10.95% ~1 in 10 adults. Thus, it is of great need to deal with this ever-emerging disease. In Ayurveda, Hypothyroidism is often taken as Rasa - pradoshaja vyadhi and treated accordingly but the outcome is not as expected always. So, there is a need to find out other conditions which shows similar signs and symptoms as hypothyroidism and that can be considered in differential diagnosis. In Modern medicine the causes of Hypothyroidism are differentiated in deficiency, insufficiency of hormone, inefficiency of gland, autoimmune disorder, Cancer etc. In our study we will refer it with Kaphavruta udana vayu vikriti with the help of classical textual references which will be helpful in the treatment precisely. Aims & objective – 1. To evaluate co-relation between hypothyroidism with kaphavruta udana vayu vikruti 2. To evaluate action of erand sneh in kaphavruta udana vayu vikruti Methodology – All classical texts were referred like Bruhtrayi & Laghutrayi and others to evaluate the clinical correlation of hypothyroidism and kaphavruta udana vayu vikruti. Whether line of treatment mentioned in kaphavruta udana vayu vikruti shows the positive result in hypothyroidismConclusionIt was observed that the signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism were very much similar with kapha vruta udana vayu vikruti. Hypothyroidism can successes fully be referred as Kaphavruta udana yavu vikruti. According to textual references we can utilize Eranda Sneha Nasya & Paan in the management of hypothyroidism. Thus, it has significant role in reducing the signs and Symptoms of Hypothyroidism because of its Vata - kaphhara, srotovishodhan, Anulomana, vrushya actions. Further studies and clinical trials are essential to evaluate the efficacy of erand sneha and correlation between hypothyroidism & kaphavruta udana vayu vikriti.

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