An overview of Ayurvedic principles to prevent dermatological disorders.
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jnanendriya, dermatological disorders, Kushtha, Dinacharya, Ritucharya

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Laturkar , S. (2020). An overview of Ayurvedic principles to prevent dermatological disorders. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 8(03). Retrieved from


 Introduction - Ayurveda explains twak as one among five jnanendriya, attributed with function  of touch and is the location (aashray sthan ) of sweat channels (swedavahi strotas ) and hairs (loma ). Aacharya Sushrut and Bhavmishra have opined that twak has seven layers while Aacharya Vagbhata and Charaka have described six layers of  twak as Avabhasini / Udakdhara , Lohita / Asrugdhara , Shweta / Tritiya , Tamra / Chaturtha , Vedini /Panchami , Rohini / Shasthi , Mansadhara. In Ayurveda the treatment is aimed at prevention of disease ( swasthavritta ) and cure of already manifested diseases through judicious and logical use of ahara ( dietics ) , vihara (lifestyle ) and Oushadha (medication and therapies ) . The rational Ayurveda therapy is provided through four fold steps involving samshamana ( palliation ) , dosha shodhana (bio cleansing procedures ) , nidana parivarjana ( avoiding causative factors ) and pathya (dietics suitable for diseases pacification ) . Lifestyle or daily regimen of an individual is equally important while ascertaining the individual vulnerability to disease . Elaborate description is available on personal hygiene encompassing diet and regimen during daily routine (dinacharya) , seasonal routine ( ritucharya ), and behavioral and ethical principles ( sadvritta ) . Observance of certain rules regarding suppressible and non suppressible urges is also important for positive health. Aims and Objective – To study the role of Ayurveda in the prevention of Dermatological Disorders. Methodology – Literature will be reviewed from available Ayurvedic texts, journals , research articles etc. Result - In recent time due to increase in faulty dietary habits and not following Dinacharya, Ritucharya the dermatological disorders are on rise. Ayurvedic samhitas mentioned how to prevent dermatological disorders.

Article pdf download
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