Adjunct therapy of Jivantyadi Ghrita with Anti Tubercular drugs in Rajyakshama (Pulmonary Tuberculosis) – A Case Report
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Rajyakshma, Tuberculosis, DOTs, Adjunct Therapy, Jivantyadi Ghrit, Anti-tubercular therapy

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Nandkishor Bhaurao Kale. (2020). Adjunct therapy of Jivantyadi Ghrita with Anti Tubercular drugs in Rajyakshama (Pulmonary Tuberculosis) – A Case Report. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 8(04). Retrieved from


Rajyakshma is oldest disease known to mankind as its first reference found in oldest literature Rugveda. It is called as King of Diseases, which indicates its severity. Tuberculosis remains major public health problem not only in India but also in world. According to WHO one third of global population is suffering from tuberculosis. Anti-tubercular therapy is long lasting and has many side effects, so it is necessary to develop adjunct therapy which will minimize the hazards and help patient to improve the immune status. Aims and objective – To evaluate the toxicity reduction and early restoration by adjunct therapy of Jivantyadi Ghrit.  Methodology - In the present case study DOTs therapy in the dose of 3 tablets once per day was given as an adjunct with Jivantyadi Ghrit 10 ml BD per day was administered for a period of 6 months in the diagnosed case of pulmonary tuberculosis. Assessment was recorded. Results – WBC count and ESR rate reduced to normal, Haemoglobin level increased, SGPT and Sr. Bilurubin level remains normal. Also significant resolution of lung Koch’s lesions was noted radiologically. Conclusion - Jivantyadi Ghrit as an adjunct therapy with DOTs reduces the side effects (especially hepatic) of DOTs therapy and also shows significant clinical improvement in sign and symptoms of PTB.

Article pdf download
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