Importance of Snehapan and Swedan :A review article
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Satpute, J., Kasat, P., & Patil, A. (2020). Importance of Snehapan and Swedan :A review article. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 8(05). Retrieved from


Shodhan chikitsa is done for elimination of excess as well as vitiated doshas. For this chikitsa oleation therapy is used as Purvakarma. Snehapan which is taken in small dose along with diet is said to be brimhan Snehapan. It gives strength to the body & can be continued for many days. Regularly we are using this type of Snehapan with diets by ways of milk, ghee, oil etc. After Snehapan , whatever sneha is digested by Jatharagni, that sneha along with ahararasa will be carried out by Saman vayu upto the liver, where panchamahabhutagni will act on it. So the toxins present in the cells i.e. in intracellular fluid should come into the koshtha means ECF and then from ECF to circulation. From circulation to GIT and from GIT , these vitiated doshas are to be eliminated either by Vaman or Virechan karma. Although it is proved that Shodhanchikitsa eliminates  toxins  from  the  body,  but  which toxins are elevated within blood from purvakarma

Article pdf download
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