Co-relation between tadvidhsambhasha and cooperative learning – a teaching methodology
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Tadvidhsambhasha, cooperative learning, teaching methodology

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Agrawal, D. J. (2020). Co-relation between tadvidhsambhasha and cooperative learning – a teaching methodology. National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 8(06). Retrieved from


Teaching and learning are two sides of a coin. Every faculty education stands upon two pillar teaching and learning similarly Ayurveda too. In present era in Ayurveda learning is teacher centring method which is called as faculty teaching. This method of teaching discouraging everyone. In faculty teaching every student is not take part in learning process. It discourages student’s curiosity, questioning, innovation, and feedback. Most of the ayurvedic institution using teacher centring method for teaching.  Opposite to this now a days to enhance the teaching process there are different methodology are put forward like cooperative learning, collaborative learning, and competitive learning. Cooperative learning is student centring method and focused on group accountability, social skill and thinking which is necessary for successful Vaidya. In Charaksamhita also it is mentioned that Tadvidhsambhasha is best for enhancing our knowledge.  Which means discussion with vaidys for curing patient .which can be achieved by cooperative learning. So here the study is about correlation of cooperative learning with ancient methods mentioned in ayurvedic samhita and implication of cooperative learning in ayurvedic teaching.

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