Research article Hypothyroidism-Through Ayurvedic Vision
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Anukta Vyadhi

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Hypothyroidism is a clinical syndrome resulting from insufficient production of thyroid hormones, which is common endocrinal disorder seen all over the world. It is more prevalent among females. Hypothyroidism is one of the burning issues in current scenario and is affecting the life of many people on various levels. Since this condition is associated with many complications, on many systems, ranging from generalized tiredness to infertility, thereby compromising quality of life, it has become a need to study this disease critically.

This review is made with an effort to understand the disease in ayurvedic perspective. On reviewing the clinical presentation from all classical texts, it is found that in hypothyroidism there is abnormality of jatharagni and dhatwagni along with abnormality of kapha and vata dosha as well as Rasavaha, Raktavaha, medovaha, sukravaha and manovaha srotases. Dosh-dushyasamoorchhana in various Dhatus results in systemic manifestation of the disease.

Article pdf download
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