Case study on management of Menopausal Syndrome with Ayurvedic formulations and Pranayama.
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Menopause, Hot flushes, Rajonivrutti, Ayurveda, Pranayama.

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Gargi, S. (2021). Case study on management of Menopausal Syndrome with Ayurvedic formulations and Pranayama. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 9(01). Retrieved from


           Each substance in universe undergoes this law which is 'Uttpatti-Sthiti-Laya'. In women‟s life menopause is the most significant event which occurred naturally at the age around 45-55 years. WHO has defined postmenopausal women as those women who have stopped menstrual bleeding one year ago or stopped having periods as a result of medical or surgical intervention like hysterectomy, oophorectomy.It is natural and permanent stopping of the monthly menstrual cycle in female.Like menarche, menopause is also an important developmental event in women's life with physical and psychological changes.Menopausal woman suffer from many symptoms such as hot flushes, insomnia, palpitations,mood swings, weight gain, muscle pain,vaginal dryness, night sweats etc.along with associated symptoms like loss of appetite, fatigue.Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is most effective therapy but has other side effects whenbthere is long use of it. Considering the limitations of HRT, present need is to research about Ayurvedic Formulations which act better on reproductive system as well as hormonal balance.Management of menopausal symptoms in the form of non hormonal drug therapy by using Ayurved and pranayamas is one of best option people preffering now-a-days. In Ayurvedic literature it is described under a heading of Rajonivrutti and various beneficiary measures are mentioned for treatment of rajonivrutti anubandhit vyadhies (postmenopausal syndrome). This study was done to evaluate the efficacy of drugs which are used in postmenopausal syndrome. The treatment was conducted for the duration of 3 months. The response to the treatment was recorded and therapeutic effects were evaluated with the help of symptomatic relief.The results show that the postmenopausal syndrome can be better managed with ayurvedic drugs and can avoid HRT and their side effects.In Ayurveda there are various formulations which are effectively work on those symptoms and help to reduce it.Along with those formulations, Pranayama including different breathing techniques also play an important role to recover psychological changes during menopause.


Article pdf download
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