Conceptual study of kshara according to charakasamhita
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Kshara, Sambhasha,Yukti, Karmukata.

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Rajput, S. (2021). Conceptual study of kshara according to charakasamhita. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 9(01). Retrieved from


                    Properties of Kshara are mentioned in Charakasamhita Sutrasthan in Annapanvidi Adhyay. Charakacharya explained use of Kshara in various diseases in Chikitsastan. Charakanyas of commentator Bhattar Harischandra, Charakapanjika of Swamikumar, Nirantarapadavyakhya of Jejjata, Ayurvedadipika of Chakrapani and so many more commentaries are available today to valuable guidance worldwide era. Conceptual,Leshokta, Sankshipt, Anukta, meaning between the lines can easily explored by contribution of commentaries within hardworking of whole life, Sambhasha, repeated reading and study of commentators. These new researchable ideas, clues are guide by appreciated track for clinical application in present problem in about each and every medical faculty which already mentioned by Acharya in ancient time. Most of contribution Ukti Pramana is speciallity of Charaka Samhita, pratyakshyadi pramana described in Vimansthan ch.4 and 8. But Yukti has described in Sutrasthan ch 11. Which is explored detailed by Chakrapani like this more issues are described by commentators.

Article pdf download
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