Evaluation of Swedopag Mahakashaya of Charak Samhita: A Literary Review
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charak samhita, Swedopag mahakashaya, fomentation, srotas.

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Acharya charak has mentioned Swedopag mahakashaya (adjuvants in sudation therapy) denotes ten medicines which act on swedan karma. swedopag can be correlate with formentation of modern medicine.  Swedopag Mahakashaya is the 22nd gana of the 50 mahakashaya gana described in fourth chapter of Sutra sthan of Charak Samhita and includes shobhanjan, eranda, arka, vrushira(shwet punarnava), rakta punarnava,yava, til, kullatha, masha, badar ten ingredients. These 10 plants are work together and give enhanced effect. They are also effective individually. These plants having Katu, Tikta, Kasaya Rasa, Ushna(hotness) Virya, Katu Vipaka, tikshnam, saram(ability to spread) Guna and sukshma(minute) properties.

Article pdf download
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