Pathya Apathya and role of Dinacharya in Nethra Swasthya
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Nethra Swasthya, Pathya, Kriyakalpa, Eye health, Dinacharya, Chakshushya.

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chougule, nutan. (2021). Pathya Apathya and role of Dinacharya in Nethra Swasthya. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 9(01). Retrieved from


As Ayurveda gives much importance in maintaining health and prevention of diseases along with treatments of diseases. These Dinacharyas can be adopted in our day to day lives to protect the eye from diseases and improve the vision, by implementing improvised tailor-made techniques for day to day activities of present era. The Acharyas have armed us with proper knowledge to prevent and treat life style disorders related to eye diseases through explanation of Pathya Apathya and Dinacharyas which are practices of Kriyakalpas. Most of these practices are not being followed these days which leads to many Nethra Rogas. This can be corrected by re- implementing improvised versions of such practices in our daily life.

The  wordChakshumeans which illuminates the objects and enlightens the mind about its details. which is situated in two eyeballs. When we talk about Pathya and Apathya, the importance of the word Chakshushya is came upon. . The Pathyas have been explained by different authors in the heading of Chakshushya Vargas and the Apathyas have been explained asAchakshushya.

Article pdf download
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