A Comparative Analytical Study Of Shukra Dosha With Semen Analysis
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Kawane, S. F. (2021). A Comparative Analytical Study Of Shukra Dosha With Semen Analysis. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 9(02). Retrieved from https://ayurlog.com/index.php/ayurlog/article/view/823


As we know Shukra dhatu is a most essential end product of the rest of all 6 dhatus of sharira. So, an analytical comparative research study has been made on infertility(bandhatva) patients. In this study, we explain tenets of shukra dhatu and different types of shukra doshas according to Acharya Charaka and Sushruta. According to doshas 8 types of Shukra doshas explaind by acharya and 9 types of semen abnormality by modern science. An attempt has been made to correlate these shukra doshas with an abnormality of semen according to modern medical science, on the basis of clinical features, physical appearance, and laboratory examination of semen. For the study 20 patient suffering from any kind of infertility has been selected from O.P.D. of Shalya Tantra department of Arogyashala rugnalaya, Nashik. On observation, the result showed out of 20 patients , 10 patients suffering from vatapittaj, 6 from shukra kshaya, 2 from vataj and 2 from pittaj shukra dosha according to ayurvedic point of view. Simultaneously we correlate it with different clinical conditions of semen and we found Out of 20 patients, 8 suffering from Oligoasthenospermia, 6 from Oligospermia, 2 from Asthenozoospermia, 2 from Tetratazospermia, 2 from Infective semen.  

Article pdf download
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