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Agni, Deepana, Grahani, Grahani Dosha, Pachana.

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Date, D. T. (2021). A CONCEPTUAL STUDY ON GRAHANI DOSHA WITH ITS AYURVEDIC MANAGEMENT. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 9(02). Retrieved from https://ayurlog.com/index.php/ayurlog/article/view/824


In Ayurveda, Grahani Dosha is one among the Mahagadas. In modern science, Grahani Dosha included into digestive disorders. It’s prevalence about 69% in current time because of faulty dietary habits, sedentary lifestyle, stress and side effects of modern drugs. This cause leads too many digestive diseases. The organ Grahani is the seat of Jatharagni (digestive fire) both are interrelated. It’s supported and nourished by the strength of Agni. Normally, it receives the in- gested food, which is retained by restraining the downward movement (Grahanati). After diges- tion it releases the food through sides of lumen to next Ashaya i.e. Pakvashaya. In abnormal conditions due to weakness of Agni, it gets vitiated and releases food in indigested form. When Agni is not proper the food will not be digested properly and this undigested food gets fermenta- tion and acts like poison in the body. It’s called Ama. Ama Utpatti leads to Grahani Dosha. Ag- nimandhya is important factor in the Samprapti of the disease Grahani Dosha. So it should be mainly treated for Agnivardhana by Drugs with Deepana (which enhances digestive power) and Pachana (digestive) qualities.


Article pdf download
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