A Drug Review of Drakshadi Churna in Tamaka Shwasa
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Tamaka Shwasa , Drakshadi churna , Pranavaha strotas

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Suryavanshi, V. (2021). A Drug Review of Drakshadi Churna in Tamaka Shwasa. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 9(02). https://doi.org/10.52482/ayurlog.v9i02.837


Respiration is one of the feature of life which is carried out by Prana vayu. This sole sign of life is affected in this disease Tamaka Shwasa, causing an impediment to the Respiratory function. Shwasa word indicates both physiological and pathological state of respiration. Ayurvedic texts have mentioned Tamaka Shwasa under the various types of Shwasa roga. Disease Tamaka Shwasa can be correlated with the disease Bronchial Asthma on the basis of its features & etiopathogenesis signs and symptoms. Tamaka Shwasa is considered as Yapya (palliable) because this type of Shwasa roga is not only difficult to treat but also has a repetitive nature. Bronchial Asthma calls the attention of Medical world due to significant burden in terms of healthcare costs as well as lost productivity and reduced participation in family life. The Science of Life – Ayurveda is the best way to effectively & safely manage the condition without inducing any drug dependency where various Shodhana procedures and use of internal medication not only detoxifies the body but also provides nutrition & increases the functioning capacity of lung tissue & develops natural immunity of the body thus decreasing episodic recurrence of the disease and providing long term relief to the patient.

Article pdf download
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