Role of Rasa Vaha Srotas Dushti in Tvak Vikruti
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rasa, tvak, chinta , stress, nidana parivarjana, samprapti vighattana

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Rao, V. Y. (2021). Role of Rasa Vaha Srotas Dushti in Tvak Vikruti. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 9(02). Retrieved from


wholesome management of disease states which include diet, habit and medicine for total reversal of disease. Skin is the largest part of the body which is the protective covering as well as a reflection of the internal system. In Ayurveda various dermatological diseases discussed with its etiopathogenesis, classification and management and also described the wide range of etiological factors for Skin diseases including dietary habits and psychosocial factors. Tvak is the reflection of rasa dhatu sarata, hence any derangement in rasa dhatu function directly implies vitiation of quality of skin. The review is to unveil the importance of rasa dhatu dushti assessment in tvak roga which can help in both treatment aspects i.e. nidana parivarjana and samprapti vighattana.

Article pdf download
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