Ayurvedic Management Of Shwitra : A Single Case Study
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Shwitra, Krumighna Basti, Jalaukavacharan, Shaman Chikitsa

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                     In Ayurveda most of the skin diseases are explained under the term Kushtha. Shwitra is a disease where white patches appear on body. It can be co-related with vitiligo of modern science. Vitiligo is a pigmentary disorder, in which circumscribed depigmented patches develop. Shwitra is considered as one of the varieties of kushta in the ayurvedic classics,caused vitiation of Tridoshas and Dhatus like Rakta,Mamsa and Meda. The references of Shwitra are found in almost all the samhitas like Laghutrayees and Bruhatrayees. There is Partial or complete loss of skin pigmentation. This depigmentation results due to destruction of melanocytes which may be unknown in origin or due to autoimmune endocrinopathies , selective IgA deficiency. So as per the Ayurveda treatment for Shwitra is Sharir Shodhan ie. Panchkarma and Shaman Chikitsa. This a case of 23 yrs old female patient of vitiligo treated with Ayurvedic Management which includes procedures like Krumighna Basti, Jalaukavacharan and Medication like Arogyavardhini vati, Gomutra Haritaki vati, Bakuchi Ghan Vati and local apllications with Shwitrahara Lepa and Bakuchi oil.

Article pdf download
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