Pharmaceutico- Analytical Study of Nimbadi Ubatan and It's Antimicrobial Activity.
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Nimbadi ubatan, Astang hrudaya, Antimicrobial activity.

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Mishra, S. J. (2021). Pharmaceutico- Analytical Study of Nimbadi Ubatan and It’s Antimicrobial Activity. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 9(04). Retrieved from


Aim: To Study Physico chemical analysis of Nimbadi ubatan and it’s antimicrobial activity.

Objectives: 1) Preparation of Nimbadi ubatan. 2) To Study literature of dravyas used in preparation of Nimbadi ubatan. 3) Study of Microbes used to check antimicrobial activity of Nimbadi ubatan. Materials and Methods: Preparation of Nimbadi ubatan according to the reference of Astang hrudaya chikitsa sthana kusthchikista adhyay 19/65-66. Analytical study of Nimbadi ubatan and it's antimicrobial activity of Nimbadi ubatan was performed by time kill test method. Discussion: As per reference of Astang hrudaya, Nimbadi ubatan was prepared and was analysed. Physico chemical parameters of Nimbadi ubatan was also done. Antimicrobial activity of Nimbadi ubatan shown 2.25_ 4 log reduction / 99% reduction of S. aureus, S. Pyogenes, p. aeruginosa and Candida albicans in 1 minute. Conclusion: The present Study entitled " pharmaceutico analytical study of Nimbadi ubatan and it's antimicrobial activity" was aimed to prepare and perform all analytical test and antimicrobial analysis of Nimbadi ubatan.

Article pdf download
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