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Bahi, Parimarjan, Raktavaha,,Vyadhi, Snehan, Swedan, Shaman.

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Powar, S. (2022). REVIEW OF BAHI-PARIMARJAN CHIKITSA IN RAKTVAHA STROTAS VYADHI. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 10(04). Retrieved from


Ayurveda focuses on a multifaceted treatment protocol. Therefore, mention of different types of treatment is found at multiple places in the Grantha. Sharirik vyadhi are advised to be dealt with the help of Trividh Aushadhi Chikitsa. This comprise of Anta-Parimarjan, Bahi-Parimarjan and Shastrapranidhan. While Shastrapranidhan means use of surgical methods is seen seldom, the other two are used on a larger scale on day to day basis. Raktavaha Strotas is mentioned in utmost detail in our texts. Its vitiation is manifested in several forms thus making a bigger bracket of diseases. This includes Kamala, Visarpa , Kustha Mukhapak vatrakt etc. Majority of these diseases are shown up on the skin. Thereby, treatment ranges from both internal and external medications. A mention of lot of Bahiparimarjan Chikitsa is seen in the context of treatment of all these diseases. Also, the dedication of a special adhyaya in Charak Samhita Sutrasthan for Bahiparimarjan Yoga demand attention. This article focuses on driving attention to this Bahya Chikitsa and its importance in Raktavaha Strotas Vyadhi.

Article pdf download

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