Diet According to Prakriti – Personalized Diet – A review
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Prakriti. food. dosha. diet , genomics , personalized nutrition

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Shilpa Yerme. (2023). Diet According to Prakriti – Personalized Diet – A review. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 11(01). Retrieved from


Prakriti is an interesting and unique topic of basic principles of Ayurveda.  Prakriti is a constitution which is based on the predominance of dosha determined at the time of conception. prakriti of an individual cannot be changed till death.  In society, we found dual dwidoshaj prakriti mostly. As doshas are formed according to a specific food, One can eat according to his or her prakriti. A balanced diet keeps Dosha prakriti balanced. In scientific language we can say it as personalized nutrition. Personalized medicine, diet, and lifestyle guidelines is an emerging science. Here in this study, we propose this unique concept of personalized diet which helps in various manners like prevention, cure, and treatment.

 Food interferes with the molecular mechanisms of an organism (physiology). food is consumed in large quantities which interact at the genomic level, hence research in this area is needed to understand the exact effect at the genomic level. Ayurgenomics deals with a personalized approach in predictive, preventive, and curative aspects considering one genomic constitution (Prakriti).

If samanya and vishesha Siddhant of Ayurved is considered, it may be seen that the samanya (homologues) Guna food items cause to increase in the same attribute in the body at the mental and physical levels and vishesha (non-homologous) guna food items tend to decrease the same attribute.

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