“An ayurvedic review of baal madatyaya with special reference to infant alcohol exposure.”
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Infant alcohol exposure, breast milk, Breast feeding, Baal Madatyaya,

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Priti Amit Magdum. (2023). “An ayurvedic review of baal madatyaya with special reference to infant alcohol exposure.”. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 11(02). Retrieved from https://ayurlog.com/index.php/ayurlog/article/view/1096


Breast feeding is the safest & fine technique for nurturing and optimizing toddler increase & fitness. The risks of ingesting alcohol while breast feeding however is not properly defined. Alcohol ate up through a lactating mother enters the breast milk & shows unfavorable results like deficit in motor improvement, decreased lactation performance &disrupted sleep-wake behavioral patterning in babies. KashyapSamhita is the simplest Ayurvedic text recognized & quoted the condition referred to as ‘BalaMadatyaya’.the prevailing article explores the similarities between the circumstance of BalaMadatyaya, explained in Ayurveda & toddler alcohol publicity through breast feeding /acute alcohol intoxication in toddlers. murchcha (loss of recognition),Prajagara(insomnia/sleep disturbances),chhardi(vomiting, aversion to wet nurse/breastmilk),arati(restlessness),bhrama(giddiness/disorientation),vitrasa(fear),udvega(tension),trishna(excessive thirsty) are the signs and signs and symptoms of baala madatyaya that are just like toddler alcohol publicity via breast milk.

Article pdf download

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