Conceptual study of Fatty Liver Disease through Ayurvedic perspective
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Fatty liver disease, Yakritvikara, raktadushti, medodushti, agnimandya

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Shah, B., Dudhmal, A., & Chataraki, V. (2023). Conceptual study of Fatty Liver Disease through Ayurvedic perspective. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 11(4). Retrieved from



Introduction: Liver is vital organ for metabolism. Fatty Liver Disease (FLD) is characterized by macro vesicular hepatic fat accumulation (steatosis). The prevalence of fatty liver disease in India is found to be as high as 9 to 32%and it mainly observed in overweight, obese, diabetic, pre-diabetic cases. Fatty liver disease is usually silent diseases with few or no symptoms. It is accidently diagnosis during abdominal ultrasound and abnormal liver function test. There are no medicines that have been approved to treat NAFLD. Therefore, an attempt has been made to study etiopathogenesis of Fatty liver disease through ayurvedic perspective.

Methods: A literature review was conducted by reading of classical text of Ayurveda and research articles. Discussion is done with experts in this field.

Discussion and conclusion: Fatty liver disease is santarpanjanyavyadhi.Rasa, Rakta, Medodushtihetu are causative factor for developing Fatty liver disease. Kapha and pitta are affected dosha, Rasa, Rakta, and meda are dushya, Agnimandya, dhatvagnimandya are plays role in pathogenesis of fatty Liver disease.Yakritvriddhi, agnimandya, jwar, pandurpeetvarnata are symptoms occurs in fatty liver disease. RaktaPrasadana,Medolekhana, agnivardhakand yakritbalyadravyawill be line of treatment for fatty liver disease.

Keyword: Fatty liver disease, Yakritvikara, raktadushti, medodushti, agnimandya.



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