Management of Gridhrasi through Panchkarma
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Gridhrasi , Shamana Chikitsa, Sodhanchikitsa , Panchkarma

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Gridhrasi is a frequently encountered problem in the present era produced commonly due to the altered way of living. Severe pain radiating from the back to one or both lower limbs is the hallmark of sciatica. It is well-accepted worldwide. Another pain-dominant lifestyle disorder is sciatica, or gridhrasi, in which the pain radiates from the back, or Sphik Pradesh, to the foot. Sciatica and Gridhrasi in Ayurveda can be associated based on the symptoms. Gridhrasi is a part of VatajaNanatmajavyadhi and is regarded by Acharya Charaka as a maharoga. But Sushruta, the father of surgery has described all the details about the disease One of the most prevalent Vata illnesses, In the working population, the prevalence of sciatica is 3.8%, while it is 7.9% in the nonworking population. The intervention aims to rectify the underlying functional imbalance in order to restore harmony in Ayurveda. Restoring the exacerbated vata , vata kapha to equilibrium and consequently health is the main goal of ayurveda therapy for gridhrasi.

Article pdf download


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