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A review of joint diseases
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Sandhi, joint diseases, diagnosis.

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sadhale, varsha vishwanath. (2019). A review of joint diseases. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 7(03). Retrieved from


In India more than 10 million cases of joint diseases are reported every year and amongst these joint diseases prevalence of osteoarthritis is high where patient ends up doing joint replacement. But this has various after effects and financial burden on society. Many patients approach Ayurved for the treatment of joint diseases. A proper differential diagnosis is important to provide accurate treatment so as to prevent further deterioration of patients .The approach of Ayurved and Modern science differs from diagnostic as well treatment point of view. The detail structural elucidation of each joint  is not mentioned in classical texts. And hence main emphasis is given on wholesome status of bodily condition rather than specific joint. In Ayurved the patient is diagnosed only on the basis of symptomatology. whereas in modern science diagnostic tools such as MRI, X ray ,USG, CT scan ,blood investigation are used to know the exact condition of the joint . A critical review of joint diseases is done here in describing the differential diagnosis according Ayurved and Modern science.

Article pdf download
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