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Geriatric Care; Complete Ayurvedic Package


Aging, Ayurveda, Early Aging, Vatashamano Pakrama, Rasayana.

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Birla, A. K., & Purohit, S. (2017). Geriatric Care; Complete Ayurvedic Package. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 5(5). Retrieved from


Aging is inevitable svabhava of Living being , having multidimensional process of physical, psychological & social change.

Aging may be grouped in two groups (Akala Vyadhi) premature Aging and Natural Aging ( Kalaprabhavaj Vyadhi ).These are the two problems mainly faced by branch of internal medicine known as “Geriatrics’’. Ayurveda has its own unique remedies to relieve these Health issues facing by preolds (Taruna geting early Aging) & old peoples.

There are many ayurvedic upakaramas like vatashamanopakrama,

Rasayana,Daily & Seasonal Regimens which are important in Geriatric care.Use of These Therapies in “Jara†works primerely at level of biological system as well as it saves patient from early aging.


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