The Anatomical Study of Janu Sandhi Marma with Respect to Knee Joint
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Janu sandhi marma
knee joint
vaikalyakara marma

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Dr prashant waghela. (2020). The Anatomical Study of Janu Sandhi Marma with Respect to Knee Joint. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 8(03). Retrieved from


Marma means vital parts of the human body. There are 107 marma in human body. Marma hass been classified into 5 categories, i.e. Mansamarma, Siramarma, Snayumarma, Asthimarma & Sandhimarma. Vaikalyakara Marma are the points where injury causes structural functional deformity. These are 44 in number and there are 12 present in ADHOSHAKHAGA (lower body) i.e. 6 in each lower limb. They are Kurch, Janu, Aani, Urvi, Lohitaksh & Vitapa.

Janu marma is considered as sandhi and vaikalyakar marma in Ayurveda and injury to Janu Marma causes Khanjatva. Khanjatva which means limping of limb. Thus, this topic is selected to study as to evaluate the actual structural changes and which further causes deformities

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