Remedial role of ahara vidhi vidhan in swasthyarakshanam- a conceptual study.
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ahara vidhi vidhan
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Mamtora, M. (2020). Remedial role of ahara vidhi vidhan in swasthyarakshanam- a conceptual study. National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 8(04). Retrieved from


Every living being needs Ahara for growth, repair, survival and maintenance of body. People are so busy in achieving their life goals that lifestyle disorders are on a surge due to ignorance of people towards their dietary habits. The three basic pillars of Ayurveda are Ahara, Nidra and Bramhacharya. In this Ahara has been placed first which shows the importance of Ahara in Swasthyarakshanam (maintenance of health) and Vikar Prashamanam (curative aspects of diseases). If we follow proper dietary principles then only we can get optimum benefits from the food we consume. Ayurveda has mentioned guidelines regarding food intake called as Ahara Vidhi Vidhan. The following article is compiled based on the literature available in Ayurvedic granths as well as data available online. Scientific explaination for each concept is explained. As a pandemic is occuring curently people are more consciuous towards increasing their immunity and Ayurveda can provide a good basis for it just by following basic dietary guidelines.The aim of the study is to imply that tremendous research can be done to justify the literature available in the classic textbooks.

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