‘‘Pranayama and yoga’’ : A boon to motherhood
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Pregnancy, Yoga, Asanas, Pranayama, Birth weight, stress.

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Yoga is multi dimensional  practice that originated in India and is becoming increasingly recognized and used in developed nations as a health practice for a variety of immu nological, neuromuscular, psychological, and pain condi- tions. Pregnancy in a woman is a condition in which woman changes both from inside as well as outside. These changes create obstacles in the normal life of a pregnant woman and yoga in pregnancy can help the women to go through these changes and challenges. Practicing yoga during pregnancy provides a great range of activity and benefits to unborn child and mother by numerous ways. Yoga soothes the mind, refocus the energy and prepare the woman physiologically and psychologically for labour. Different breathing techniques impart invaluable neuro-muscular control and helps in coordinated relaxation and contraction of uterus. Different type of asanas (postures),are described in Ayurveda and Yoga darshan texts which can be performed by a pregnant woman as they consume low energy and provide greater benefits.  Yoga practicing includes physical postures and breathing techniques which minimizes the complication of pregnancy, like pregnancy induced hypertension, intrauterine growth retardation and pre-term delivery etc. Western exercises bring about what is known as phase contraction of muscles while yogic exercises create a static contraction which maintains a muscle under tension without causing repeated motions. 

Article pdf download
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