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Dashanga lepa, Vish Chikitsa, Mode of action of Dashanga lepa, Lepa kalpana

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Suryavanshi, D. V. (2020). THROUGH REVIEW ON DASHANGA LEPA: A CLASSICAL POLYHERBAL COMBINATION. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 8(05). Retrieved from


Dashangalepa is a classical polyherbal combination which is used in the treatment of many diseases which has quicker manifestation like Jwar, Visarpa etc. It is also well known for its action in the treatment of Vishas (Venoms/ Poisons/ Ama Visha).  As the drug is used for topical application and still has got so much importance the detailed study of the drug is necessary. Also, the selection of drug is unique and there is a specific method of application given for this lepa. In this article an attempt is made to give details of all the ingredients, their availability, shelf life of the lepa for practical use, specific method of application, its uses by different classical texts, probable mode of action of Dashang lepa, evidences of its practical application and its noted adverse reactions. This article can also help in the manufacturing of lepa with correct ingredients, rescue treatment if any adverse reaction of the lepa occurs & uses of Dashanga lepa in other diseases. 

Article pdf download
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