Review of Varnya Dravyas in Vyanga Vyadhi.
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Varnya dravyas,  Vyanga Vyadhi,  hyperpigmentation.

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Patil, D. (2020). Review of Varnya Dravyas in Vyanga Vyadhi. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 8(05). Retrieved from


Beauty is the quality or combination of qualities, which afford keen pleasure to the senses. Vyanga is the condition of localized hyper pigmentation which affects face, neck & extremities. Variability of constitutive pigmentation around the world is well established. Asian & Indian subjects are reported to be more susceptible to pigmentation. Varnya dravyas are those which are useful for improving complexion. In Ayurveda have mentioned Vyanga in Kshudra Kushtha roga & various remedies like internal & topical treatments are prescribed as its spreads locally over the facial skin. Thus the local or external applications have immediate impact upon its characteristics features like discolorations, unctuousness, burning sensation, itching etc. Ayurveda classical texts & reputed journals has been mentioned many drugs having Varnya activity. Ayurveda tradition could emerge as a major contributor to the global cosmetic industry. Some common medicines like Haridra, Chandan, Kumkum etc. are well established medicines in Ayurveda and popular in cosmeceuticals. So an attempt has been made to review Ayurveda classical texts & compiling various Varnya drugs from published research articles on Vyanga Vyadhi. This article will serve as the ready references for further exploration of Varnya Dravyas.

Article pdf download
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