Ayurvedic treatment of Yuvan pidika w.s.r to acne vulgaris: a case study.
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Sanket Shirode, Dr Yogesh Wane, & Dr.Kirtibala Tawade. (2021). Ayurvedic treatment of Yuvan pidika w.s.r to acne vulgaris: a case study. National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 9(01). Retrieved from https://ayurlog.com/index.php/ayurlog/article/view/751


Ayurveda is the most ancient system of health of the world. Skin forms a barrier against microbial invasion and has properties, which can protect against mechanism, chemical, osmotic, thermal and uv radiation damage. Skin is an important site of immune surveillance against the entry of pathogens and the initiation of primary immune response. Skin is the target of a variety of hormones. These activities can affect the appearance and the functional of individual skin component such as sebaceous glands, hairs and pigment producing cells. Acne is the most common skin disease of now a day. So we decided to take the help of this ancient system of science to fight against this acne vulgaris. An acne vagary is a chronic inflammatory condition of the pilo-sebaceous follicles on the face and upper trunk. It is characterized by the development of black heads, papules, pustules and cysts, which may resolve to leave pitted scars. In Ayurvedic classics we get the knows about this disease in the name of Yuvan pidika, the eruptions like Salmali thorn, on the face during adulthood, caused by Kapha, Vata and Rakta are known as 'Yuvan pidika'.

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