Literary study of importance Ama stages in Grahani chikitsa


Ama, Grahani, Agni, Deepan, pachan, Basti, Vaman, virechan.

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Dhasal, K. V., & Kulkarni, S. A. (2021). Literary study of importance Ama stages in Grahani chikitsa. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 9(03). Retrieved from


Grahani is disease which affects large population globally associated with improper food habits According to ayurvedic terms,Grahani is place of Agni which is digestive fire1 .Ingestion ,digestion, absorption of Ahara is regulated by Grahani pathology of Grahani is due to Agnidosha2.Disturbed function of Agni produce Ama in body3. After some time it produces various diseases4.According to site of Ama, symptoms vary in the body and accordingly treatment modalities change. The importance of Ama in every disease pathology is always focused by our Acharyas.Our Acharyas have explained treatment regarding specific site involvement.Treatment modalities like Deepan ,pachan,Vaman ,virechan,Basti are successful only when they are indicated.

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