Effectiveness of Ayurveda treatment in Urdhwaga Anlapitta(Acid Peptic Disorder)- A Case Report
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Amlapitta,Gastritis,Acid pepetic disease,Panchatikta ghrit Avipattikar choorna,Kamdudha vati.

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Ingale, A. (2022). Effectiveness of Ayurveda treatment in Urdhwaga Anlapitta(Acid Peptic Disorder)- A Case Report. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 10(02). Retrieved from https://ayurlog.com/index.php/ayurlog/article/view/976


Background: Amlapitta is a disease of annavaha strotas(gastrointestinal system)which is caused by vitiation of Agni(Digestive fire).This disease is most commonly seen in the today's society which occurs due to inappropriate dietary habits and lifestyle such as excessive intake of pungent,spicy food,habits like smoking,alcohol,stress which leads to disturbances in digestive system.As mentioned in Ayurveda literature, vitiation of pitta occurs due to amla(sour) guna.If this pitta takes an upward course;then it is called as Urdhwaga Amlapitta,and it can be correlated with gastritis/Acid Peptic disease in modern medical science.

Material and Methods: A 26 years old female patient was presented with the chief complaints e.g.Indigestion,Nausea,Vomitting and flatulence for 2 years was clinically diagnosed as case of Urdhwaga Amlapitta.This patient was treated with specific regimen- Panchatikta Ghrita,Avipattikar choorna and Kamdudha vati in prescribed dose for 30 days.

Observation and Result: As the treatment given here,the patient got significant relief in all her chief complaints.

Discussion: Due to Pittaprakopak and Kaphaprakopak ahar sevan,both kapha and pitta vitiates.Due to this,there is vitiation of Agni and agnimandya occurs and hence there is indigestion of food,leading to formation of Ama and amlapitta.Therefore,Deepan,Aampachak,pittakaphashamak chikitsa was adopted in this patient.

Conclusion:Above said shaman chikitsa in the Ayurveda plays a substantial role in the cure of amlapitta.

Article pdf downlaod

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